make a flower border

Creating the Flower Border

  Ah, to have a clean slate on which to impose my gardening dreams!   Creating a landscape from scratch is a huge job, but for the avid gardener, it’s a dream come true. As you put your landscape design to paper, think about your borders and what, exactly, they’ll be bordering — what lies […]

Pruning Shrubs

We receive loads of questions about pruning. . .especially shrubs. Rather than reinvent the wheel on this, we are fortunate to be able to offer the following article by some experts that we respect a great deal.  Growth Habit Understanding the natural “habit” or shape of shrubs will help you determine how to prune them. […]

Cooperative Extension Directory

Over the past few months I’ve had several of you ask me about the county cooperative extension services across the country. What is it? What do they do? The Cooperative Extension Service is a nationwide educational program started by the United States Cooperative Extension Offices Department of Agriculture (USDA). National Institute of Food and Agriculture […]