How To Germinate Mimosa Seeds

The mimosa tree has been cultivated as a landscape ornamental for a long time and for a number of reasons. The fern-like foliage earned the tree many admirers, but the fragrant, fluffy flowers (try saying that quick three times!) are most likely the tree’s biggest attraction. Indeed, birds and butterflies are attracted to them. The […]

Willow Hybrid Trees

  Tall, majestic willow hybrid trees, grown close together, can provide a privacy screen from traffic or nosy neighbors. The formation is also an ideal wind break. If you don’t like raking leaves, however, you should know that willow hybrids are deciduous and will drop their foliage in the fall. About Willow Hybrids The willow […]

start angel's trumpet seeds

Germinate Brugmansia Seeds

I get so excited when someone emails a question about one of my favorite plants! Today we got one about how to germinate brugmansia seeds and I couldn’t wait to sit down and pen this one. Brugmansia, commonly known as angel’s trumpet, is a group of flowering plants native to South America that can be […]