Thanks so much for taking an interest in us and our gardening website.

My name is Adelaide Masters and I’m a gardenologist. The Urban Dictionary defines a gardenologist as: “A person who lives to garden, has studied (formally or informally) plants, trees, etc. and can tell you more about them than you probably want to know.”

That would be me.

I hold a BA in Horticulture, a Masters in Agriculture (M.Ag.) and I am a master gardener here in my adopted hometown. Although I specialize in tropical plants and roses, I hope to be able to offer information on all aspects of gardening at home by employing the talents of other avid gardenologists. We pretty much eat, breathe, sleep and obsess over all aspects of gardening.

I am joined in this endeavor by a group of over-educated dirt-farmers who love nothing more than puttering around outdoors — planting, pruning, fertilizing and even pulling weeds. Lest you think our group is a bunch of self-absorbed folks, please know that Horticopious, the group’s collective name, is a non-profit that feeds the hungry from the fruits of our “labor.”

Each article is contributed by a Horticopious member.

Feel free to drop us a note with any questions and, of course, corrections to our information. Nobody’s perfect, right?

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome!