gift ideas for gardeners

10 Gift Ideas for the Vegetable Gardener

We gardeners are an odd bunch. We think nothing of dropping major money on certain tools and equipment we consider vital yet rarely break open the pocket book for fun stuff, or gardening items that might make our hobby a little bit easier.

So I’ve rounded up some gift ideas for those vegetable gardeners on your list that I think they might be secretly hoping Santa will bring.

This post has been updated from last year — some items listed then were no longer available. And, you’ll find some wonderful gift ideas for the beginning gardener, here.

Full disclosure: I get commissions from purchases made through links in this post. I have not, however, received any products for free — all of the ones I refer you to are those that I purchase and use in my own garden.


1. No gardener has enough books and that goes for vegetable gardeners as well. Edward C. Smith has written the “bible” on vegetable gardening and if your gardener is anything like me, he or she will be carrying this around until it’s tattered. A truly valuable vegetable gardening companion, anyone would be pleased to receive The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible as a gift.


vegetable gardener's bible

The Vegetable Gardener’s BIBLE

2. Have you ever seen such adorable grow bags? Fabric grow bags are every gardener’s best friend. Because the sides “breathe,” plants remain warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Roots don’t circle and there’s even a decreased risk of transplant shock. These Groovy Grow Bags are made of sturdy canvas and come in a set of three. By the way, these can be used indoors as well and they’re washable.

grow bags for flowers

Groovy Grow Bags

3. Nothing beats heirloom vegetable seeds, except maybe if they’re non-gmo seeds and that’s what these EcoFarms seeds are — completely organic. Your giftee will enjoy corn, brocolli, tomato, carrot and broccoli seeds, among others (10 different types of seeds). Plus — look at it! Is that not the PERFECT gift for a gardener?

non gmo seed set

EcoFarms Organic, Non-Gmo Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

4. We also found this fabulous heirloom seed collection that any vegetable gardener would love. KALE! There are even some melons in there. Ten different seed packets for an amazingly low price.

assorted vegetable seeds

Heirloom Seed Collection


5. Ok, now that your gardener has seeds, how about you give him or her a leg up on the season with a heat mat? Lots of vegetables could use a little bottom heat while they’re germinating indoors during winter and this is the ideal setup.

heat mat_opt

Seedling Heat Mat


6.  This cedar cold frame will lengthen the season for your gardener. If you’ve ever spent the winter with an avid vegetable gardener you know that the sooner he or she can get back to it, the less grumpiness you’ll have to tolerate. It measures 3 foot wide by 3 feet in length and can be elevated or used on the ground. It’s made from FSC certified Western red cedar.

cold frame_opt (1)

Cedar Cold Frame

7.  A gardener can never have too may pairs of gardening gloves and these are so comfortable.

gardening gloves

Gardening Gloves

8. A kitchen composter is something many gardeners just don’t think of buying for themselves and it’s such a handy way to get great soil. It comes with four odor-neutralizing filters so you don’t have to worry about stinking up the kitchen. It’s made of stainless steel and the bin is dishwasher safe.

make your own compost

Kitchen Composter

9. If you’ve priced drip irrigation systems (especially installation!) you know it can get pricey. We’re including this kit from Mr. Landscaper because it’s so reasonably priced and easy to install. It comes with everything your gardener will need to water 100 feet of garden row, including 1/2 gph drippers with on/off valves. Check it out. . .it’s a great gift.

irrigation system for garden

Vegetable Garden Drip Kit

10. We’ve save one of our favorites for last — are these not gorgeous? This is a set of two galvanized, industrial hammered-finish olive pails. One measures 7.5 inches in height and the other is 10 inches. Sure, they can be used to transport small batches of vegetables from the garden to the kitchen, but they also make decorative planting pots and garden decor.

olive bucket

Olive Buckets